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Who Is Lifestyle Equity Society?

Lifestyle Equity Society is a non-profit organization, which came into being on February 1, 1993, formed by a group who saw the world differently than most and heeded the words of Margaret Mead who said:“Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” 

Since then, we have been overcoming barriers and changing the way others think about supported living.

Lifestyle Equity Society is committed to offering people who live with challenges, individualized services based on their needs, dreams, and aspirations. We focus on friendships, community involvement and broadening people’s life experiences. We encourage a relaxed, warm environment as these are people’s homes first –  before they are a workplace. We believe a happy home life is the basis for further learning and growing and strive to meet people’s emotional, spiritual and physical needs.

Our organization is based on respect and dignity for all individuals, families, support staff, board members, and management alike. We believe the philosophy of equal treatment fosters an atmosphere of positive energy that translates to a creative, inspired team of people who aspire to make dreams and goals a reality.

Family, friends, and advocates are encouraged to provide input, express concerns, and visit as they so wish. No formal visit times are required. Just drop in. 

What does Lifestyle Equity Society Do?

Lifestyle Equity supports people to live dreams. Sometimes the dreams are small like taking a vacation, going to bed when you want to, going to a concert. Sometimes they are seemingly insurmountable dreams like living outside an institution when you’ve been told that is where you belong “forever”.

We ASSIST people to eat.
We do not feed them.

We ASSIST people to bathe, dress and get ready.
We do not get them bathed, dressed, ready or groom them.

We do not go on outings.

We GO OUT WITH someone. 
We do not take them out.

We ASK people questions, GIVE choices and PROVIDE suggestions. 
We do not command, order or tell.

We are not group home staff.

We do not work with the handicapped.

We ASSIST people to get ready for bed.
We do not put them to bed/sleep.

Mission Statement:


Philosophy Statement

  • We believe in providing opportunities for people to experience life in a typical way, with emphasis on the individual’s rights and ensuring that a supportive atmosphere exists with well-trained, caring staff to facilitate freedom of choice in the least restrictive way possible.
  • We believe in encouraging relationships with family, friends, advocates and, community.
  • We believe that we are accountable to the individual, their family and/or legal guardian.
  • We believe in supporting an individualized approach to planning.
  • We believe all people should experience life fully and as independently as possible.

Vision Statement

Lifestyle Equity Society will actively advocate inclusion in all walks of life and work towards enhancing the dignity and quality of life for the people we support.

Values Statement

  • All people have the right to participate in and contribute to their community.
  • Personal empowerment and self-determination can best be achieved when we value all people as individuals with unique personalities.
  • All people can benefit from living in an environment that stimulates curiosity, is challenging and provides learning opportunities.
  • All people benefit from an exposure to a reasonable level of risk allowing for failures and encouraging meaningful successes.
  • The individual is the center of the system and determines with or without assistance, the personal goals and community support required.
  • Family involvement is highly valued and encouraged in the design, operation, and monitoring of services for their son, daughter or relative.
  • Social relationships and ongoing friendships are the foundation of community living.
  • People best acquire the skills they need through participation in natural environments.
  • LES is committed to hiring and supporting competent staff that believes in the values statements to ensure quality interactions and enhanced learning opportunities.

Funding Sources

Lifestyle Equity Society is a non-profit, charitable society. LES receives funding from Community Living British Columbia (CLBC), Crime Victim Assistance Program, Interior Health, as well as private funding.


Lifestyle Equity Society is a CARF – accredited organization.

Accreditation is an organizational initiative intended to ensure that LES continually examines, improves and reports on growth and achievements. These goals are established in relation to the outcomes developed for the people served. LES also strives to improve and use best practices and formulates future plans and quality improvement measures. The accrediting body for the society is The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities – CARF.